The amazons speak

Shaman Pathways - Black Horse, White Horse - Melusine Draco

I've collected below some quotes from amazon reviews, attributed as we go...


"'Black Horse, White Horse' condenses into less than 100 pages pretty much every facet of what horses have meant to us over the ages, covering beliefs, traditions, folklore, symbolism, mythology and superstition across many cultures." S.j.


"This is a super little book for anyone who has horses, works with horses or who just loves horses and would like to get to know and understand them better." Yvonne.


"I strongly recommend this book to anyone who feels a call to either the horse in their magical practice or who simply rides and would like more background knowledge of how our ancestors related to this wonderful beast." Mrs Susan Kennedy


Currently averaging on at 4.6 stars, if magic and horses are part of what you do, this is definitely a book to check out.