A roundup of reviews

The Dictionary of Magic and Mystery: The Definitive Guide to the Mysterious, the Magical and the Supernatural - Melusine Draco

I've collected some quotes from various reviewers, credited as we go...


"This is an excellent book for the beginner, and even those with more experience as it is impossible to know about everything. Recommended." MH. The Cauldron ~ Michael Howard, The Cauldron


"This is a thorough compendium of magical and esoteric information. The author has compiled a veritable treasure trove of knowledge any magical practitioner and seeker after the truth should include in their personal library. You might think this mere hyperbole, it is not. It is a resource, from which we can draw upon for further research, for learning is unending and its practical application is our goal" - Jan Malique, amazon


"I found myself making excited notes on Podomancy, Cramp Rings and the Angel of Death – and already wondering where these different springboards could lead. Within the dictionary format, the work is helpfully constructed into sections, ie; Black Magic, White Magic, while references for further research are relevant and not too copious...I’m convinced this amazing volume will stir the writer’s imagination and help to get their work noticed. Unique and memorable." ~ Sally Spedding, The New Writer


"This is a great source of information brought together in one book. A useful companion for anyone with an intrest in the subject. Clear, strqaight forward, no nonsense and no waffle. A bookshelf essential" - Miss Angela Stasiak, amazon