An impressive array of Pagan voices

This Ancient Heart: Landscape, Ancestor, Self - Caitlín Matthews, Paul Davies

13 authors, leading names in Paganism and academia, reflect on the relationship we experience between landscape, ancestry and our sense of self. it's a book with remarkable breadth and depth, and a lot to challenge and inspire a reader.


I was asked to read the book way ahead of publication, and to comment on it - truly, it's an honour to be asked to give my small voice in support of some of the best, and best known names in modern Druidry. This is what I said at the time:


"Most Pagans look to the past for inspiration. How we relate to our ancestors, who we even understand them to be, and what we carry, real or imagined, into the future is often a key question for modern Pagans. This book offers an intriguing array of insights, ideas, challenges and possibilities that help the reader consider their own relationship with issues of ancestry, identity and belonging."


It's a fine book, I heartily recommend it. I think I was asked to comment because I have a Druid title of my own about ancestry and how we relate to it, and its a happy accident that this has taken me into a lot of thinking about the relationship between land and ancestry, too. It's fascinating to see other authors exploring this territory - both physical and spiritual - and I think there are issues here that could be, perhaps should be at the very heart of how we think about Pagan spirituality.