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Spirits of the Sacred Grove - Emma Restall Orr Druid Priestess: An Intimate Journey Through the Pagan Year - Emma Restall Orr Spirits of the Sacred Grove - Emma Restall Orr

I believe this is the first incarnation of Emma Restal Orr's book - it was republished as Druid Priestess, and then re-published a second time as a Pagan Classic, by Moon Books, where it's reverted to the original title, and found a new cover. I've tagged all three versions of the cover for clarity. Emma Restall Orr is person featured on the Druid Priestess cover, not a model. 


The original paperback version of Spirits of the Sacred Grove can occasionally be found second hand, as can Druid Priestess, but the most recent version is also available as an ebook, which hasn't previously been an option.