In shamanic terms, everyone is believed to have power animals – guardians that empathise with us, guide us on the spiritual path, and protect us from harm. Each power animal increases our inner power by giving access to the wisdom of its kind, so that negative energy cannot influence our thoughts and actions. A horse guardian will impart ‘horse sense’, and endow us with some of the attributes of a horse; a dog guardian will give ‘dog sense’, and bestow some of the instincts of a dog. The animal
kingdom has a wealth of knowledge to offer and our animal guardian communicates this wisdom by drawing our attention to happenings around us … and repetition of such ‘happenings’ is their means of communication that will, eventually lead to
Shaman Pathways - Black Horse, White Horse - Melusine Draco

The quote comes from the opening of 'Black Horse White Horse' - a book about working shamanically with horses, horse spirit, horse energy. Being a portal, it's quite a short book, ideal for people who are new to the subject. 


Being a Melusine Draco title, we of course aren't talking about 'horse' as some vague and abstract concept - the specific horses of specific myths are explored, the history of the horse, how human cultures have related to horses, different kinds of horse - there's a lot of knowledge packed into these pages, and takes us from working with the idea of 'horse', to something much more real and intense.