Around the world there are thousands of miles of coastline: rugged cliffs, tidal-battered rocky shores, sweeping estuaries, gentle brackish creeks, golden sand and shingle beaches. Although each has an enchantment all of its own, few of us are fortunate to live near enough to the sea to use this dramatic shoreline as a regular magical working area. And yet, for a natural witch, born and bred by the sea, the beach and rocky shore are equally as magical as the inland woods and hills of
more traditional approaches to witchcraft.

Our shorelines also provide every kind of haunting landscape – from mysterious sea-caves and treacherous, misty saltmarshes; to endless beaches and rock pools; and salt-water estuaries where trees grow right down to the water’s edge, and petrified forests emerge at low tide. The diverseness of our northern Atlantic coastlines in particular … from Shetland to Scilly, to Norway and Brittany, from Newfoundland to Cape Cod …owe these distinctive characteristics to constant erosion, salt spray and the battering of spring and winter gales. The sea carves rocks into jagged cliffs and smoothes the sand of a beach – but even if there is no shortage of breathtaking scenery in which to create a sacred space, it is the sea itself that provides the
real focus for our magical energies.
Traditional Witchcraft for the Seashore - Melusine Draco

This is a quote from the opening of Melusine Draco's book on Witchcraft for the seashore. there's lots of practical information here about the physical nature of coastal environments, and how to work magically with them. Each section of the book includes some clear instructions about things to be doing - if you're looking for a work book and reliable guidance for things to explore, then this is ideal content. Melusine is an experienced witch who is able to offer meaningful projects to those who wish to learn by doing.