The Moon is such a beautiful sight in our skies; she is full of mystery and intrigue yet also full of immense power. She has been seen through history as being part of the occult and linked to enchanters, magicians and witches alike. Images abound of a wolf howling to the Moon and of witches flying on broomsticks silhouetted against her as a backdrop.

She is a huge part of all sorts of pagan pathways and plays a very important role in all areas of working magic. Observing and working with the Moon and her phases is one
of the ways we can tune into the here and now and the universe that surrounds us, learning to go with the flow of energy and follow her course. Working with the phases of the Moon also helps us to understand our own body and our inner thoughts, feelings and emotions. She controls the tides of the oceans; so the Moon is very much about our emotions which are linked to the element of water.

Within this book I hope to open up some of the mystery and guide you through working with her phases and to tap into her powerful energy.
Pagan Portals - Moon Magic - Rachel Patterson

The quote comes from the introduction to Rachel Patterson's Moon Magic book. this is a book full of ideas for spells and rituals associated with different phases of the moon. People often think of witchcraft as a full moon activity, but as Rachel demonstrates, any phase of the moon can be worked with, although some lend themselves more to certain kinds of magic and ritual than others.