Now, I am not a born and bred hereditary Hoodoo root worker living in Georgia or New Orleans (I hope to come back in another lifetime as one though…), but I have studied Hoodoo in great detail. I work with Hoodoo magic all the time and have incorporated it into my witchcraft. I have great respect for the practice of Hoodoo and all the practitioners who use it.

What I hope to do in this book is provide an introduction to this amazing and fascinating magical practice. This is MY interpretation of Hoodoo and how I work with it within the Craft. I have tried to make it as accurate as possible and have drawn on many sources as well as my own experiences.

I have included many original recipes for oils, powders, incenses etc and have tried to be as traditional as possible with the ingredients for the well known ones, but other recipes included here are my own blends and therefore may not be so traditional.

My intention is for this book to honour the art of Hoodoo and all those who practise it.
Pagan Portals - Hoodoo: Folk Magic - Rachel Patterson

I've taken this quote from the opening to Rachel Patterson's book on Hoodoo. it's never straightforward when working with the traditions of another culture, and it's really important that an author acknowledges their relationships - whatever that is - with the practice they are talking about.