A woman stands hunched over an old wooden table, pestle and mortar in her hands, grinding away at a mixture of ingredients. A large white candle stands on the table beside her, the flame flickering and spluttering. Open in front of her lies a huge leather bound book, the pages well worn and filled with beautifully written spells.

Sounds like a scene from medieval times?

Actually it could be now; it could be me (or you) in a town house kitchen, or an apartment in the city. This is a witch at work, same scene, same utensils, and same
ingredients now as centuries ago.

A witch works with nature, in tune with the earth, working and living along with the ebb and flow of the seasons. Spring is for cleaning, clearing out clutter, sweeping out the cobwebs and setting new goals. Summer is a time for celebrating the Sun God, for basking in his glow, working on projects, gardening and creating. Autumn is a time to be thankful for the harvest, to give thanks for all that we have and to start storing away for the winter. Winter itself is for reflection, a time to pull up a chair by the fire and think back over what you have achieved. All of these things can be done physically, mentally and spiritually with each turn of the Wheel of the Year.

As a witch you can have all the right equipment – wands, athames, pentagrams etc, but you will find a Kitchen Witch tends to prefer to use what is to hand. A finger serves purpose as a wand, a feather for the element of Air, a pebble for the element
of earth… you get the drift.

A Kitchen Witch will create… recipes, crafts, lotions and potions. When a friend is poorly a Kitchen Witch will work a spell to aid, but will also make some homemade soup, putting healing energy into making it, adding healing energy with each
vegetable and herb that is added.
Pagan Portals - Kitchen Witchcraft: Crafts of a Kitchen Witch - Rachel Patterson

This is an excerpt from the Pagan Portal Kitchen Witchcraft, and I think it's a great expression of what Kitchen witchcraft is all about - this is the kind of magic you weave into your daily life, working with whatever is to hand.


Rachel Patterson has a really warm, engaging, easy to read kind of style which I think comes through really well in this quote. Reading her work is like sitting down with a friendly mentor and a nice cup of tea.