The curious consequences of meditation

Druidry and Meditation - Nimue Brown Contemplative Druidry: People Practice and Potential - Dr. James Nichol, Philip Carr-Gomm

I wrote Druidry and Meditation over the winter about five years ago. It was my first foray into book length non-fiction. I'd been writing magazine articles and blog posts for years at this point, but it's still a big jump from there to a whole book. that I had already written a lot of novels no doubt helped, because I had a sense of the structuring issues and the stamina required.


I've been meditating since my teens. I've run ritual groups where meditation was used in sacred space. I've run meditation groups. when i started running things, I found there wasn't much information out there to support Pagan meditation. There is plenty of new Age material, there's lots of Eastern inspired content, but for someone rooted in this land and in western magic, folklore and spirituality, none of that really worked for me.


I learned to meditate from other Pagans, not as part of some other culture or practice.


This is the book I wanted when I started, as best as I could manage to create it. this is a book about being a western pagan and meditating in ways that are part of that, rather than part of traditions that are about transcending this life, or escaping from it.


This is the book that brought me to Moon Books, where I've since had a few other titles published. Through Moon Books I've met some fantastic people, I've learned a great deal, ad I've had a lot of opportunities to work in interesting ways. I do some of the marketing stuff there - which I love because it means part of my day job is to go out into the world and enthuse about books. It's very happy work indeed.


One of the consequences of writing this book is that it brought me into contact with James Nichol, a fellow OBOD Druid who had set up a space on facebook to discuss contemplative Druidry. From this came involvement in a local group, and at time of writing I've just stepped up again to facilitate meditation for people. I was a contributor to the Contemplative Druidry Book, and my life has been greatly enriched by involvement in this project and the people it's brought me into contact with.