Things about me

A quick introduction to who I am and what I do. In no particular order...


I'm an OBOD trained Druid, and I blog most days at I also contribute a regular column at Sage Woman Blogs, and the odd piece for Pagan Dawn magazine, Penton Magazine, and other Druid and Pagan sites and publications. I do also review books on request, sometimes.


I write non-fiction titles for Moon Books. Thus far, Druidry and Meditation, Druidry and the Ancestors, Spirituality without Structure, When a Pagan Prays, and Pagan Dreaming. I also contributed to Paganism 101.


I write the script for graphic novel series Hopeless Maine - - illustrated by my brilliant other half, Tom Brown, who you can find at We two collaborated with Professor Elemental for the very silly book that is Letters Between Gentlemen (Snow Books), and Tom did me the cover for my other steampunk novel, Intelligent Designing for Amateurs (Top Hat Books).


I work for Moon Books, but its very easy to tell if I've commented on a book based on reading it, or I'm just sharing on information about it. I do not blur the edges there.